SuiteMove is the first experienced focused influencer marketing platform that connects restaurants and influencers with the goal of expanding social reach. Restaurants create campaigns that fit their budget and preferences. Influencers apply to appealing campaigns posted by Restaurants. Once the perfect match is established and a campaign is agreed upon, both parties are connected and the campaign life cycle begins.
To create impactful social content and obtain optimal social reach, the SuiteMove team believes it is necessary to connect with influencers that emulate the same values, preferences, and vibes as your Restaurant. Unlike most influencer marketing platforms that bring brands and Influencers together, SuiteMove caters specifically to the Restaurant industry to help Restaurants effectively create campaigns and find their perfect influencers. SuiteMove also believes in the power of establishing in person relationships. Because we focus on connecting Influencers with experiences and not just products, there is opportunity to create and maintain long term relationships.
We welcome everyone that believes they would benefit from this platform to apply. Typically, we require influencers to hold 5k+ followers. We do not have specific requirements for Restaurants, but we review all applications for quality control.
We currently operate in the greater Los Angeles area, but will be expanding to cater to all major US cities. Stay tuned.
The use of the SuiteMove platform is free. When a successful connection is made between a Restaurant and Influencer, a small service fee is incurred by the Influencer and Restaurant (about the price of a burger).
Once your profile is created, sign in and choose “Create Campaign” located within your navigation. Follow our guided process that touches on all details necessary to create your perfect campaign. Once complete, your campaign will be made visible to SuiteMove’s database of Influencers.
Once your campaign is made public to our Influencer database, Influencers have the ability to browse and apply. As influencers begin to apply, you may then select the Influencer you see best fit for your campaign. Once selected, you and your Influencer will be able to communicate via your own private "Active Campaign Page."
We would be so sorry to hear that! Please see section 2b in terms of use.
Go back to your "Previous Campaigns" and request the Influencer to apply to your new campaign!  This chat space never expires for your records.
Our focus at SuiteMove is to provide you with opportunities to experience and work with some of the best Restaurants in the nation. We focus on providing Influencers with experiences, not just products. While taking part in these experiences, there is huge opportunity to create and maintain relationships to grow your network, make money, and have one hell of a good time doing so.
Restaurants post campaigns depending on their preferences regarding content, time frame, type of Influencer they would like to run the campaign, etc. We encourage Influencers to apply to campaigns in which you believe you fit the appropriate criteria. To apply, simply click on campaign details and the 'apply' button. email will also send you notifications when a Restaurant (that fits your preferences) posts a new campaign.
SuiteMove accepts influencers that we believe will benefit from using our platform. Generally speaking, these are individuals with 5k+ followers.