About us

Introducing the first experience focused Influencer marketing platform that connects Restaurants and Influencers to increase exposure. Dedicated to efficiency and rooted in simplicity, SuiteMove provides a space for your Restaurant to create campaigns that fit your vision and budget.

Influencers have the ability to browse these campaigns and apply.

Let's start connecting.


  • Restaurants

    Step 1) Campaign Creation. What do you want to market?

    Step 2) Watch Influencers apply, review applicants, and choose your favorite.

    Step 3) See your campaign come to life. Access an active campaign page to communicate and collaborate for the duration of a campaign.

  • Influencer

    Step 1) Browse campaigns via your preferences. Like tacos? Us too.

    Step 2) Apply to your favorite campaigns and receive notifications when a campaign matches your preferences.

    Step 3) Once matched, time to grub and create.